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What We Offer

At Lumen injectables, we offer you a variety of treatments including botox, fillers, PDO threads and peelings. These are well-founded and proven treatments that we use according to your needs and desires. We do this through a treatment program that we establish together. The goal is always to make a subtle improvement with a natural look.

WHY LUMEN? Our mission is to make cosmetic procedures more accessible to everyone. We like to be clear, simple and efficient. Treatments are tailored to your unique characteristics and personal wishes. Your health and safety are paramount at Lumen. That is why we work with calm and caution and always opt for safe and effective solutions. At Lumen, we want to create a natural look through subtle interventions to boost your self-confidence.

We’d love to help you get the glowing skin and youthful contours you’ve been looking for. Find out how you can shine even more and contact us without obligation for an appointment.

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