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Word of Mouth

Doctor Broeckaert advised me to have 3 PRP treatments, one per month. After the first treatment, I already saw a real improvement in my skin, with the fine lines on my cheeks and around my mouth already diminishing a bit. After the 3rd treatment, everything started to look really nice! 

Yves - 47 years - Brussels 

In 2018, I had my first experience with Botox, and I must admit, I have always had a fear of needles. However, Dr. Broeckaert immediately made me feel at ease and before I knew it, the injections were done. The doctor provided a thorough and detailed explanation of each step, which was greatly appreciated.

Céline - 35 years - Mechelen

As a first-time filler user, I was a bit nervous at first, but the doctor patiently addressed all of my questions and concerns and prioritized my comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience. I am beyond satisfied with the results achieved, and I wholeheartedly plan to continue my aesthetic journey with Lumen Injectables.

Florence - 54 years - Brussels



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